Sauna Patterns

Sauna Patterns

Cedarland produces a variety of patterns for Saunas. These products range in thickness from the regular profile (11mm) to a medium density (17.5mm) to a heavy duty thickness (38.5mm). Western Red Cedar’s dimensional stability and its appearance makes it perfectly suited for sauna paneling or the actual component for construction of saunas.

1X4 Sauna

Nominal Size: 1×4
Net Size: (7/16” x 3 3/5 ” or 11mm x 92mm) – coverage 86mm

CDRL 3044 11mm x 92mm sauna

1X4 V2E

Nominal Size: 1X4
Net Size: (7/16” x 3 1/2 ” or 11mm x 89mm) – coverage 83mm

CDRL 3042 11mm x 89mm V2E

Lengths: Heavy 7’/8’, allowing 9’-12’, maximum 5-10% 6’, maximum 5% 3’-5’ | Grade: A&Btr (The highest grade of clear)


Premium Knotty | Shrink wrapped

OTHER Cedar products


For a classic and stunning look consider Cedarland Soffit Boards – beauty, insulation value and ease of application.

End Matched

End matching your products for ease of installation and saving of waste at the job site.


Cedarland’s Kiln Dried A&Btr Clear Paneling is ideal for exterior siding or interior paneling. A traditional product for that striking high end classic look.


Cedarland’s strength is in doing custom profiles for different end use customers.

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