Cedarland Forest Products produces a high-line kiln dried decking. The boards are available in a surfaced 4 sides (S4S) with a radius edge (6mm bull nose) or with a unique striation on the face (custom/unique look). Cedarland vacuum dries all it’s decking to ensure that the customer receives a stable product with a superior dressing which is ready for immediate staining on the job site. This product saves the customer all the hassle related to green products that result in degrades on the job site (end splits, warping and cupping) and the need to “air dry” prior to staining. Decking is available in clear or tight knot as follows:

A) 5/4” Radius Edge Decking (R.E.D.)

5/4" (26mm)3" (65mm)6'-20'
5/4" (26mm)4" (90mm)6'-20'
5/4" (26mm)6" (140mm)6'-20'

Dressing: Smooth Face or Striated (Non Slip) Face.

B) 2” Decking

2" (38mm)3" (65mm)6'-20'
2" (38mm)4" (90mm)6'-20'
2" (38mm)6" (140mm)6'-20'

Dressing: Smooth Face or Striated (Non Slip) Face.

C) Posts

4×4 (90mmx90mm) posts are highly visible and are surfaced four sides (S4S). They have a slight eased edge (E/E) and come in lengths of 3’ – 16’ (O/E). The grades come in A&Btr Clear and Premium Knotty (STK).

D) 2×2 Spindles

The 2×2 (38mmx38mm) are also surfaced 4 sides (S4S) and have slight eased edges (E/E). They come in lengths of 3’-16’ (O/E) in A&Btr and Select Tight Knot (STK). The 2×2’s are primarily used as highly visible balusters and other components for exterior structures. Cedarland’s spindles are kiln dried and finished to a “furniture like” appearance.