Sauna Patterns

Cedarland produces a variety of patterns for Saunas. These products range in thickness from the regular profile (11mm) to a medium density (17.5mm) to a heavy duty thickness (38.5mm). Western Red Cedar’s dimensional stability and its appearance makes it perfectly suited for sauna paneling or the actual component for construction of saunas.

Nominal Size: 1×4
Net Size: 11mmx92mm – coverage 86mm

Nominal Size: 1×4
Net Size: 17.5mm x 92mm – coverage 82mm

Nominal Size: 7/4×6
Net Size: 38.5mm x 141mm – coverage 130mm

Grade: A& Btr (The highest grade of clear)

Length: Heavy 7’/8’, allowing 9’-12’, maximum 5-10% 6’, maximum 5% 3’-5’


  • Premium Knotty
  • Shrink wrapped
  • Pre- Stained (Bohmal – 10 year warranty)