“Cedarland Manufacturing Process,
British Columbia, Canada.”

This slide show gives insight into our manufacturing process. For further details please contact us at 604.462.1210

Step 1 – Raw Material

“PEFC Certified Raw Material is directed to different end use products/profiles.”

Step 2 – Resawing

“Primary breakdown of raw material is done on a thin kerf resaw.”

Step 3 – Primary Grading

“All products are primary graded for intended end use customer.”

Step 4 – Kiln Drying

“Product is placed on sticks and placed on tracks for inbound into the vacuum kilns.”

Step 5 – Moulder

“Inbound product to moulder for finalization to end use product.”

Step 6 – Moisture Check

“Each piece is checked with an in-line moisture meter which measures each board at the rate of 400 readings per second.”

Step 7 – Grading

“Each piece is graded for 100% utilization with defects identified and passed onto the optimizer trim saw for defect trimming.”

Step 8 – Final Product

“The final product is pulled into package form once it passes through a final inspection”

Step 9 – Packaging

“All products are fully protected with lumber wrap. Profiles have extra board protection to ensure product arrives to the customer in the same form it was produced.”

Step 10 – Container Loading

“Product is loaded on-site for different global customers. Air bags are utilized between loads to ensure protection of product.”

Step 11 – Shipping

“Cedarland’s Western Red Cedar is shipped and exported to projects around the world.”

About Us

Cedarland Forest Products was established in 1975 and has become renown for delivery of a first class, high quality product worldwide. Cedarland exports its products all over the world to customers that expect the best quality available. Western Red Cedar supplied by Cedarland goes into wood doors and windows, outdoor furniture, timber blinds as well as to the finest homes and government structures where it appears in saunas, cladding and paneling.

The warm natural beauty of western red cedar makes it a much sought-after product. Its natural decay resistance allows it to be used without wood preserving chemicals. Its unique dimensional and long lasting durability make it ideal for exterior applications.

Cedarland Forest Products has PEFC certification purchasing only from sustainable forest based supply and tracks its purchase of raw material from origin (logs and/or lumber) producing a wide variety of semi-finished and finished product solutions for it’s different customer base. From the moment the product enters the yard, in the original raw material form, it is graded for intended end use. Each step is monitored for quality control (QC). From the sustainable “woods” to your “door” Cedarland is committed to supplying the highest quality, exacting product for all your project needs.

Cedarland – The tailored made solution”.