“Cedarland – Strategically Located In Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada.”

Cedarland has been manufacturing the highest quality of Western Red Cedar from it’s facilities since 1975. From semi-finished products and standard profiles to your desired customized needs Cedarland is your choice for factory direct products.

“We Vacuum Kiln Dry Our
Western Red Cedar”

Cedarland gently dries their product utilizing vacuum kilns. This technology allows wood to be dried at lower temperature avoiding the stresses that occur in conventional kilns. It is a self contained system gently extracting water from the core of the wood.

“We Manufacture In-house With Strict
Quality Control Standards”

Products at Cedarland Forest Products all pass through a factory process that ensures our customers receive the highest quality product. From precision moulding, highly scrutinized grading and optimized trimming Cedarland provides our customer the exacting product for the desired end use.

“The Clear Choice…
Is The Best Choice”

Cedarland prides itself in delivering 100% useable products worldwide. For the highest in quality standards Cedarland is “the clear choice” for your random length or cutstock semi-finished or finished products.

“We Export Our Premium Grade Clear Cedar
To All Corners Of The World”

From Cedarland’s factory to your “doorstep” our product is fully protected to ensure that it arrives “fresh” as the moment it was produced. We place our product on sturdy pallets and provide the utmost protection, stuff it in the container or load your truck and deliver to your door.

“The Final Project Destination”

Cedarland has a reputation of delivering a first class product to a variety of customers ranging from manufacturers, stocking distributors, architects and contractors/home builders to meet their project needs.


Welcome to Cedarland Forest Products Ltd. where your receive factory direct products with exacting standards at great value. Cedarland has been manufacturing and delivering products from it’s 35,000 square foot facility since 1975. Cedarland is a family owned business.

Cedarland Forest Products prides itself in production of the highest quality clear, fine grain, Western Red Cedar on the Coast of British Columbia. We service a diverse range of customer needs from green cut-stock, to kiln dried semi-finished blanks to finished product lines and customized orders.

Products are produced with the highest quality standard from PEFC Certified Forests to the intended end use. Products are all scrutinized and individually processed for 100% full utilization on the job site. Standard and customized products are all vacuum kiln dried and processed on a precision moulder for a high end furniture like finish. Custom orders can include end matching, shrink wrapping and pre-staining.

Western Red Cedar is prized worldwide for its natural durability, stability, insulation value, richness of grain, texture and colour. Cedarland Forest Products is committed to delivering its “tailored solution” to manufacturers, stocking distributors, architects and contractors/home owners on a timely basis.

Global Projects Supplied By Cedarland